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Season 1 Recap: Why Did I Do This, Am I Crazy? Episode 12

Season 1 Recap: Why Did I Do This, Am I Crazy?

· 18:53


The Season Finale! It’s been a raw ride of experiences, emotions, and lessons learned and I shared much more with you than I bargained for. Do I regret it? In this season finale I reminisce over what I’ve revealed - my turning into an AI, my sex party adventures, encounters with clients gone wrong and more… It’s been challenging but I hope my life's insights and my world have spoken to you, or at least inspired a little joy. Shall I do another season?

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(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink

(00:15) - How I Created the Podcast This Season

(01:30) - Which Episodes Were Tough!

(02:10) - What Did I Want From It?

(03:00) - Leaving a Rating Really Helps! Thank you

(03:15) - Why I Started This Podcast

(04:50) - What Surprised Me

(06:10) - Vulnerability and Community Support

(07:58) - A Fun Opportunity to Investigate My Own Mind

(09:40) - Major Motivations

(10:40) - A Reflection on the ‘Arsehole Tax’ Episode and Money

(13:15) - Getting to Share My History

(14:20) - How Should I Move Forward?

(15:30) - The Risks

(18:10) - Thank You for Listening. See You Next Season?


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