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How I Get What I Want: Navigating Desire, Power and Contentment Episode 11

How I Get What I Want: Navigating Desire, Power and Contentment

· 26:43


What if the key to attracting wealth, in all its forms, is contentment rather than raw manipulation? In this episode I open up on what I've learned about honesty, assertiveness, observation and communication - to get what I want.

More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com

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(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink

(00:15) - Mind Tricks

(01:15) - My Own Mind

(02:10) - Contentment as a Tool, Over Ourselves and Others?

(05:05) - My Values

(07:30) - How My Family Factors In

(09:20) - I Have What I Want

(10:15) - People Are Drawn In

(10:35) - How Being A Dominatrix Has Added To My Success

(11:32) - How My Skills (With Manipulation?) Could Be Problematic

(12:10) - Being Observant and Not Judging Too Soon

(13:00) - Breakdown of the Ego Can Lead to Generosity

(14:00) - Centring My Pleasure, with Less Attachment

(15:40) - Understanding What You Actually Want

(16:55) - Pandering to Ego as a Tactic?

(19:25) - Figuring Out How My Assertiveness Fits in the World

(21:15) - Bringing the Skills of the Dungeon into My Daily Life

(22:25) - A Recap

(24:35) - Choosing When to Use My Skills

(25:55) - A Reflection on the #teakink Podcast


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