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Bali: Corruption, Sex Coaches and Cold Plunges Episode 10

Bali: Corruption, Sex Coaches and Cold Plunges

· 30:01


Can moving to a tropical paradise truly transform your life? I found myself drawn to Bali after a period of burnout, yearning for a slower rhythm amidst nature. I would travel overseas to see my clients and communities once a month. But my idyllic existence quickly gave way to a harsher reality when borders shut for COVID, and I filled the gap by launching myself into the local expat community. Venture with me as I discover a realm of sex coaches and their tantric swinger nights, lost start up founders and their cold plunges and a healthy mass of the generally dysfunctional. I also land myself in the midst of corruption, theft and a growing awareness of the injustice that underpins the islands existence; and spoiler alert, I eventually leave to find a kink community that satisfies what I am looking for, for now…

More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com

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(00:15) - Why Bali?

(01:35) - My Jungle Home

(03:05) - Healing a Burnout

(04:00) - Naivety Against Corruption and Wealth Inequality

(05:50) - Moving to Canggu

(08:02) - The Exoticisation of the Other

(09:00) - Running Away

(10:15) - Misogyny and Safety

(11:05) - Corruption

(12:05) - Dysfunction

(14:20) - The Bali Kink Community

(16:25) - The London Kink Community

(17:05) - What is a Life Coach?

(17:50) - Sex Coaches

(18:50) - Tantric Temple Swinger Nights

(19:50) - Loneliness and Cold Plunges

(20:10) - Start-up Founders and Finding Themselves

(24:00) - Discovering What I Actually Needed

(28:00) - I Just Want to Fit In?


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