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Small P**** Humiliation, The Season 2 Kickoff! Episode

Small P**** Humiliation, The Season 2 Kickoff!

· 24:44

Can you recall the terrorizing thrill of a teacher reprimanding you in front of the whole class, the sensation of your heart pounding in your ears, your cheeks burning from embarrassment? Good. Now, imagine someone voluntarily seeking that thrill, craving it. This episode, I’ll explain how I incorporate humiliation in my practice as a Dominatrix, as I breakdown why humiliation is so popular amongst submissives, and the different ways people engage with that emotion. I’ll also provide insights from my unique approach to domination, and how I use humiliation to potentially shatter individuals' self-perceptions. Experience the unexpected as I share personal experiences, including instances where I humiliate clients about their small penises at dungeons and nude beaches. More on Eva Oh, https://eva-oh.com HIGHLIGHTS: Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time. (00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink (00:15) - Welcome to My Sofa (01:00) - An Introduction to the Humiliation Kink (02:40) - Why is Humiliation So Popular, Societal Shame (05:40) - How to Use Humiliation, Taking Care (06:50) - My First Humiliation Session, Small Penis Humiliation (11:55) - Why is Small Penis Humiliation is Popular, Feelings of Inadequacy in the Pressures of Expectation in Society (15:45) - A Humiliation Session at the Nude Beach (21:45) - Why I Enjoy Humiliation, and How I Integrate It


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