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Sexologist vs Pervert, Eva Oh? Episode

Sexologist vs Pervert, Eva Oh?

· 14:40


A somewhat academic question reveals the more visceral leanings of Eva Oh’s view on kink. On this episode of the #teakink Podcast Eva reveals why she tends to avoid pathologising the kinks of those who work with her, the neurology of foot fetishes, the potential meaning of what a ‘desire template’ is and more things that she often sets aside to prioritise getting gloriously filthy.
More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com
(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:18) - A Question from a Sexologist on the Origin of Fetishes
(00:55) - I’m Less Academic, More Pervert
(01:45) - Avoiding Pathologising for Experiential Thrills
(04:50) - The Neurology of Foot Fetish
(05:50) - Examining Me, Eva Oh
(10:05) - What Are Desire Templates?
(10:50) - I Think We’re More Similar Than Not
(12:55) - Maybe I Should See a Sexologist?


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