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More Men Crying Episode

More Men Crying

· 09:02

What’s one of Eva Oh’s favourite things? Men crying. Eva answers a fan's question on whether she’s ever made a man cry through a reflection on one of the most popular episodes of the #teakink Podcast yet, ‘I Love Men Crying”. Reminding us of the potential of surrender and the importance of responsible emotional freedom.More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com#teakink Episode, “I Love Men Crying”: https://podcast.teakink.com/episodes/i-love-men-crying-sports-and-t(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink(00:18) - A Question on How I Make Men Cry(00:45) - I Love Men Crying, Clearly(01:45) - Crying at a Distance(03:00) - The Physicality of a Session(04:55) - The First Time I Made a Boy Cry(06:00) - The Importance of Surrender(07:57) - Men Crying Compilation Videos(08:25) - I Wish You (Responsible) Emotional Freedom


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