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Gender Fluidity in Sex Work Episode

Gender Fluidity in Sex Work

· 14:06


It’s been a rich experience discovering more about gender fluidity for Eva Oh through her sex worker community and the many requests around it at the dungeon. But it’s a process still in progress, and on this episode of the #teakink Podcast Eva attempts to break her experience down. Including some pointers on the challenging balance of our choices of gender presentation, profit and personal sanity.
More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com
(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:18) - A Question on Gender Fluidity within BDSM and Sex Work
(01:40) - Opening My Eyes at the Dungeon
(03:30) - Thoughts On Presenting in Sex Worker Branding
(06:30) - Gender Exploration within Session
(10:20) - Presenting, Profit and Personal Sanity


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