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The Pits of Working and Playing with Couples Episode 6

The Pits of Working and Playing with Couples

· 28:28


I’ve had some trouble working and playing with couples since I first started working as a Dominatrix in 2011. In this episode, hear the story of Fisting Bob, a regular at the dungeon I used to work in, and the strange turns our professional relationship took when I started getting letters from his wife. Follow me into the Piss Pit at Berghain with two dear friends of mine who may have rescued my faith in playing with couples. Find out more about the exploration of our desires and how the BDSM community can give space to the negotiation that can facilitate their satiation. Watch me rethink my past and maybe reframe the opinion that started this episode in the first place.

More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com

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(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink

(00:15) - What is a Relationship Unicorn?

(00:52) - Meet Fisting Bob

(07:06) - A Bad Decision?

(15:13) - Exploring Desires and Negotiating Boundaries

(16:59) - The Piss Pit at Berghain

(24:00) - Reflections on Reacting and Seeking Reassurance

(27:21) - Changing My Perception on Being a Unicorn


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