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The Cucked Cuckolding the Cuck Episode

The Cucked Cuckolding the Cuck

· 24:25


Eva Oh reflects on an intimate story concerning an ex-lover, a cousin, and a client who enjoys being a human ashtray and cuckold. She weaves a story of youth, anger, excitement, regret, and reconciliation, and reveals why she wants you, the listener, to have a transparent view into her life on #teakink.
More on Eva Oh, https://eva-oh.com
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(00:00) Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:18) The Cuck, Lover, Cousin, and Client
(02:51) Reconnecting in Australia
(03:54) A Secret is Revealed
(05:55) More Details About The Secret
(06:39) A Dynamic Shift Happens
(08:20) The Ex-Lover Reappears After the Chaos
(09:23) "Only If You're Going To Be Useful"
(11:29) The Cuck
(12:49) A Human Ashtray
(14:02) The Ex-Lover Meets the Cuck
(15:50) A Look of Terror
(17:26) Looking Back, More Negotiation
(18:10) The Scene Wraps, We All Say Goodbye
(19:47) Regret
(21:11) Reconnecting With Exes
(23:13 ) Why Did I Make #teakink


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