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Society is Ashamed: At the Dinner Party Episode 8

Society is Ashamed: At the Dinner Party

· 26:28


Ever wondered how people respond to a woman who chooses an unconventional path for her livelihood? I once met a man so profoundly disturbed by my line of work, he became aggressive and then splurged on two million dollars worth of watches to soothe himself. What does it mean to face aggression and intimidation, not as a result of any personal wrong-doing, but merely from the threat your profession poses to societal norms? On this episode of the #teakink Podcast we explore the array of reactions I’ve received as a Dominatrix. We discuss how these responses are shaped by societal expectations and how I’ve learned to navigate them. This conversation serves as a deep reminder of how society struggles with open discussions around sexuality and the unique strength it takes to be a woman who doesn't back down in the face of such intimidation.

More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com

HIGHLIGHTS: Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.
(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:15) - Meeting Men Who React Poorly to Assertive Women
(02:50) - Common Ways They React
(03:30) - Why It is Unsettling for Them
(05:00) - Two Million Dollars Worth of Ego Soothing
(06:15) - Managing Society’s Sexual Hangups
(07:45) - The First Time I Came Out at a Dinner Party
(10:35) - Friends’ Reactions
(12:15) - How I Handle Reactions, Then and Now
(12:55) - The Job as a Filter
(13:45) - From Disapproval to Understanding
(15:35) - Women’s Reactions and Anger
(17:10) - Society’s Suffering and Their Resulting Projections on my Job
(21:45) - Puritanical Values That Go Unquestioned
(24:20) - You Are Not Free. That is The Problem
(25:25) - Meaning and Purpose


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