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Rivalry in the Sex Industry Episode

Rivalry in the Sex Industry

· 22:44


Eva Oh’s naivety shielded her from the initial realities of competition and sabotage in the sex industry, but she had to learn some hard lessons eventually. In this episode of the #teakink Podcast Eva answers a question on how rivalry in the industry exists, revealing a slightly rough journey from competition within the brothel styled system of the Dungeon, to gossip over social media; and how she continues to navigate how to best align herself with those who share her values in the present day.

More on Eva Oh: https://eva-oh.com

(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:18) - A Question on Rivalry in the Sex Industry
(00:45) - How I See “Stolen” Clients
(02:00) - How I See “Competition”
(03:00) - The Influence of Sibling Rivalry
(04:50) - My Naivety
(05:00) - The Competitiveness of the Dungeon
(05:20) - Sabotage
(11:45) - Competition vs Camaraderie, and Social Media’s Role
(17:00) - Rivalry within Deeper Relationships
(18:40) - The Potential Intensity of Sex Worker Friendship
(20:03) - Aligning Your Values
(21:20) - Some People Adore Drama


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