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My Ticklish "Dentist" Episode

My Ticklish "Dentist"

· 23:47


Eva Oh sets the record straight about a lie spread by a former client: a dentist with a tickle fetish, a penchant for luxury credit cards, a yellow sports car, and dubious musical talents? Eva also shares insights into the art of spanking and a surprising revelation about her feet.
More on Eva Oh, https://eva-oh.com
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(00:00) Welcome. What is #teakink
(01:48) From The Dungeon to the Penthouse
(04:51) The Tickling...and Everything Else, Begins
(07:06) Chit Chat: Inconsistencies Unfold
(08:53) Douchebag Black Cards and Yellow Sports Cars
(11:47) Advice for New Dommes
(12:00) What Was Real and What Was Artifice?
(14:25) Moving From Tickling to Spanking
(17:04) Protocol Behind Safe Spanking
(22:04) Pinching Nipples With My Toes
(23:02) You Don't Always Need a Suitcase of Tools


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