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My #teakink Berlin Event, but mostly The First Time I Paid to Submit Episode

My #teakink Berlin Event, but mostly The First Time I Paid to Submit

· 27:40


Eva Oh revisits Berlin and takes us into an industrial neighborhood where two Dominatrixes would unlock an otherworldly BDSM experience. Later in the episode, Eva reflects on how Berlin has impacted her personally and professionally. And perhaps most importantly, Eva wonders if her professional kink life feeds into her private kink life, and where those boundaries lay. All that and more on this episode of #teakink.
More on Eva Oh, https://eva-oh.com
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(00:00) Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:18) Hello From Berlin
(02:07) My History With the City
(03:47) My Introduction to the World of Sex Clubs
(04:30) Studio Avalon
(05:58) The Dominatrix Who Caught My Eye
(07:21) I, A Woman, Arrive At The Dungeon
(08:33) The Dungeon Interior and I, an Open Minded Sub
(09:35) But Why is a Dominatrix Paying to Submit?
(10:25) The Scene Begins
(12:00) My First Exposure to Someone Else's Scent
(13:45) Introducing Another Mistress
(15:00) Pleasure and Screams
(17:00) The Scene Simmers Down
(19:20) Filet-o-Fish Sandwich With a Side of Berlin Memories
(20:50) Berlin Today
(22:50) A Personal Rendezvous With Myself


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