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My Brush with Toxicity in Celebrity Relationships Episode

My Brush with Toxicity in Celebrity Relationships

· 43:21


You’ve witnessed my dating successes, and now, I’ll dissect my former toxic relationship that was entrenched in the strange world of celebrity culture. It all starts in the dimly lit Thai restaurant located across my former apartment. Unbenounst to me, the minute I locked eyes with my date, the man, the enigma, who would trigger the emotional rollercoaster that ultimately became my life. Our relationship was defined by deception, gaslighting, and misogyny. This is the story about a relationship that chipped away at my confidence and trust, and how I overcame it. 

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(00:00) - Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:15) - My Worst Relationship? How We Met
(07:30) - Joining the Band on Tour, Sort of
(08:40) - I Move to London to be Together, He Reveals a Secret
(10:50) - I Find Out More Secrets
(12:15) - My First Experience with Gaslighting
(14:20) - I Stay, and Follow Him Around the World
(17:00) - Feeling Misunderstood
(18:00) - Why I Share This
(21:00) - How Meditation Played a Part
(22:30) - Understanding Celebrity Culture
(23:40) - A Revelation at the MTV Awards
(25:50) - His Accusations
(28:15) - More Red Flags
(29:00) - He Starts to Denounce My Work, after being supportive initially
(32:10) - Misogyny at Fuji Rock Festival, the Brit Awards...
(36:40) - Ed Sheeran Saving the Day?
(38:40) - How it Slowly and Painfully Ended


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