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How I Play, Season 2 Ends with Some Practical Tips! Episode

How I Play, Season 2 Ends with Some Practical Tips!

· 26:21


In the riveting season finale of #teakink, Eva Oh delves deep into her career as a Dominatrix, sharing her approach to play, scene negotiation, and offering invaluable advice for BDSM newcomers.
More on Eva Oh, https://eva-oh.com
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(00:00) Welcome. What is #teakink
(00:24) How I Play as a Dominatrix
(03:57) Inside My Mind During a Scene
(05:12) How I Play Now
(06:12) The Role BDSM Tools and Toys Play
(07:49) How I Negotiate a Scene
(09:09) Becoming And Being My Plaything
(12:39) Familiarity and Comfort in My Relationships
(13:41) Presence, Speed, and Communication
(16:29) Is There an "Eva Oh" Domination Formula?
(17:45) Donning and Discarding Intensity
(20:30) Advice From Eva
(24:50) Vulnerability and Ending Season 2


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